Cuento de Navidad de la Cadena SER (2020)

Cuento de Navidad de la Cadena SER (2020)

El Amor en los Tiempos del Cólera


As every year, Cadena SER prepares for the broadcast of the Christmas tale, on this occasion, we were called upon to design the entire communication campaign, from the art direction to the proposal and social media strategy. The story chosen by Cadena SER team was “Love in the Time of Cholera”, a brilliant adaptation by Pablo Remón directed by Ana Alonso, and a luxury cast with the voices of José Sacristán and Susi Sánchez, among others. Here is the result of our work.

Type of Work

Type of client 


FLAT26: Creative and art Direction

Alvaro pecci: Collage artist

price range & timing
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2.000€ – 5.000€

2 months

Press Junket

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