Cuento de Navidad de la Cadena SER (2022)

Cuento de Navidad de la Cadena SER (2022)


Every 25th of December at noon, Cadena SER – Spain’s premier radio network in terms of both seniority and audience share – broadcasts its traditional Christmas Tale. A unique radio fiction event that pays tribute to literature’s classics, involving well known screenwriters, actors, actresses and writers with the aspiration to make families come together around the radio in one of the most magical days of the year.

For the third year in a row, Cadena SER trusted Flat26 to design a creative concept for its Christmas Tale, with the aspiration to position itself as the most expected radio event of the season.

In collaboration with the talented illustrator Carlos Gallego we came up with a design that was full of metaphor and meaning to bring this year’s tale to life. Our design, as the tale (The Wizard of Oz) is a celebration of life’s obstacles and learnings.

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FLAT26: Creative and art Direction


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2 months

The Wizard of Oz is a story about overcoming obstacles and finding out who you are along the way.

Our proposal incorporates elements that stand out in the road, representing the challenges we face in life that shape who we become and make us discover values we didn’t know we had.

The concept shows where each character stands in their journey: as they sit on top of their obstacles, they can better see where the road is taking them. The end of the road represents friendship and a shared goal: while each character experiences their own life story, the goal is for them to help each other get where they want to be.

For this year’s Christmas Tale, we focused on a blend of traditional illustration and digital design.

This allowed us to reflect elements of the story as well as the concept behind it in the poster and graphic pieces in a way that’s both subtle, elegant and attractive.

A series of illustrations and textures were first created on paper and later digitised to create a modern and clean style that transpires a poetic tone.

We created a repertoire of graphic elements including different characters, objects and textures that can be combined to create unique pieces (both static and dynamic).


Specific illustrations were created for each main character: Dorothy, the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow.

With the different applications in mind, we created a set of illustrations to be used on the main poster of the Christmas Tale, where characters appear in full adopting different positions. We also created the standalone busts of the characters so that they could be used in other creative pieces.


Besides the main characters, we also developed illustrations of other relevant elements of the tale: witches hats, silver shoes, green-tinted spectacles and a tin arm.


All textures present in the designs and illustrations were first developed on paper using different types of paint and later on digitised and introduced in the various applications.

These textures make an appearance in different elements, adding to the coherence and core metaphors of the design: as an example, we included textures and patterns from one of the witches hats and from the floor on the main poster in the actor’s cards.

Audiocars & Actor’s Covers

As part of our artistic direction of the project, we created audiocards aimed to be shared in Social Media and other channels to present the Christmas Tale.

Building on the tale’s core concepts, these audiocards take fragments of the audio that are related to the concept of maturity and growth and show it alongside different animated graphic elements. 

To give visibility to the renowned actors and actresses taking part in the tale, we also created actor’s covers where each one would appear next to the illustration of the character he or she plays in the tale. 

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