El centro del entrenamiento personalizado

El centro del entrenamiento personalizado


T-Center is the center for personalized training, aimed at anyone who values their health, whether it’s for treating illnesses, starting to improve their life, or continuing to progress in various sports disciplines. It helps you achieve your goals through a guided learning process accompanied by qualified personnel.

We were approached to revamp the center’s image, encompassing the development of a new logo along with its versatile brand applications, and a comprehensive website redesign.

Type of Work

Type of client

Team involved

FLAT26: Creative Direction & Art direction

price range & timing
The price range is an approximate of how much a project like this would cost. It is not the price that was paid for the project, each project is different, and we create personalised quotes based on the project needs.

10.000€ – 12.000€

6 month


Logo concept

This proposal reduces the tree element to a curved line, representing the branches. The ‘T’ has been stylized, and with the cut made by the ‘branch’ of the tree, a simple and easy-to-remember shape is achieved. It combines straight and curved lines, giving it dynamism and a sense of movement. The logo also represents balance, a cut shape that may seem unstable but is in perfect equilibrium and harmon

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