Experimenta Penha

Junta de Freguesia de Penha de França

Junta de Freguesia de Penha de França


Experimenta Penha is an innovative and captivating initiative that breathes life into the concepts of sustainability and recycling in the vibrant community of Penha de França, Lisbon. 

Through a dynamic landing page, visually engaging magazine spreads for the monthly newsletter, an outdoor, and an inspiring Instagram campaign, we succeeded in spreading awareness and sparking enthusiasm for eco-conscious living. Our designs celebrated local green heroes, showcased the beauty of repurposed materials, and encouraged active participation in the sustainable movement. With a passion for sustainability and a commitment to impactful design, ‘Experimenta Penha’ is more than a project; it’s a call to action and an invitation to make Penha de França a greener, more harmonious place for all.

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FLAT26: Creative Direction & Art direction

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Experimenta reimaginar o teu bairro

“Try reimagining your neighbourhood” is the motto of the sustainable awareness campaign we developed for the Penha de França Parish Council.

We designed an educational landing page to publicise and educate local citizens about the various sustainable activities that the parish offers.

When creating the magazine spreads for Experimenta Penha, we wanted to capture the cool, eco-friendly vibe of Penha de França’s sustainability scene. We carefully balanced style and readability, making sure each spread was both hip and informative. 

These spreads were designed for the monthly newsletter of Penha de França, where we aimed to spark a green revolution in the community, showing that being eco-conscious can be stylish and fun.

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For our Instagram campaign, we delved into the heart of ‘Experimenta Penha’ to create a series of engaging and informative posts. Our mission was to spread the word about sustainability and recycling in Penha de França. We carefully designed each post to educate and inspire our audience, sharing valuable insights on eco-friendly practices, community initiatives, and the beauty of sustainable living. 

Through visually captivating content, we aimed to encourage a sense of environmental responsibility and community involvement, making a positive impact one post at a time. ‘Experimenta Penha’ on Instagram was not just a project; it was a passionate journey towards a greener, more conscious Penha de França.

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