Storytelling for global brands


Storytelling for global brands


A creative, innovative, dynamic, passionate and energetic brand.
We believe that every brand has a unique story to tell, and we try to capture that message through visual storytelling.

FRAME101’s mission is to help global brands capture their message/story in video. To do this, we offer a complete creative process, from pre-production (concept & strategy, script development, and planning), shooting (creative content creation), and post-production (Editing, VFX, Colour Grading & Sound Design).

Type of Work

Type of client 

Price Range & timing

1.000€  – 2.000€

1 month

In Taiwanese culture, calligraphy is considered an exotic flower. The discipline demands a high level of technique, in which every dot and line must be full of vigour and energy, as well as requiring consistency and cohesion between preceding and following strokes.

Given the Taiwanese roots of the brand and researching the culture and tradition of calligraphy, we realised that we could perfectly represent all these values in this isotype. Just like Taiwanese calligraphy, we want to represent firmness, security, the absolute conviction of a job well done.

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