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Giselle is an entrepreneur woman. A marketing director full of positive energy and good vibes, an authentic mix of loves and passions, who creates intelligent content with the purpose of encouraging women to invest in themselves, from indulgent self-care to intrepid business ventures. She needs an online presence to connect with potential clients.

Type of Work

Type of client 

price range & timing

2.000€ – 5.000€

2 months

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Starting this project, F26 met Giselle Larés, to get to know her, understand her background story and the project’s goals. Listening to her and asking the correct questions led the F26 team to learn everything about the project and perfectly define its needs. The next step was to research its main competitors at a national level as well as more globally recognized companies and to create a user persona to define Giselle Larés target audience.

F26 instigated a research project into lifestyle blogs, competitors, successful examples and created the user persona. We undertook market research on competitors-what they do well, what works and where we see room for improvement.

Color Palette
Logo Usage
Typography system

UX Research phase

F26 compared websites, finding common patterns, functionalities, ideas and areas for improvement. We studied competitors and trends to understand them and then adapted them to create a product that stands out.

After conducting the research phase, we realised that most of the blogs were created using WordPress templates that allow very little room for personalization and with only basic layouts for the posts. To create something that truly stands out, we needed to introduce different layouts, compositions and functionalities.


The research phase indicated that a large number of blogs have endless categories, with similar terms so users struggle to find the content they want. We suggested reducing the categories as much as possible.


Understanding the patterns of other blogs led us to create 7 flexible post templates, so even two posts created with the same template will look different. For the templates we created different components that could be mixed and matched, and reorganized on the page as required.

Attractive and modern editorial UI

We live in a digital world, but the reading experience is always personal something to enjoy by ourselves, transporting the reader to new worlds and new realisations. Inspired by Giselle’s ideas, F26 created a user interface based on an editorial style, beautiful and high-quality images in a flexible environment.

Easy to control

For the development phase, we had in mind that Giselle should be able to easily upload content and create new posts so we used WordPress as a CMS and an easy-to-understand theme builder that provides enough flexibility to create the desired posts.

FLAT26 is an extraordinary team with a great human quality. Their professionalism and empathy with the customer make every project easier.
Giselle Larés

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