Every hairdo should feel like a holiday


Every hairdo should feel like a holiday


There are 32,000 hair salons in the UK, and only 302 cater to afro and curly hair textures. Napps is a global online marketplace for afro and curly hairdressing. It is an on- demand platform for people with an afro and curly hair to book hair appointments.

Napps aims to create a space where afro and curly hair is celebrated, embraced, represented, and served, where Napps is a symbol of empowerment and pride.

Napps challenged us to create a brand identity to reach their target audience.

We created a dynamic and vibrant logo designed to communicate a sense of confidence and good vibes. Wavy and rounded shapes combined in a way that communicate values of nature, trust, and excitement.

Type of Work

Type of client 

price range & timing

2.000€ – 5.000€

6 months

The colour palette is vibrant, dynamic, young, and flexible. It is strength. A brand identity that conveys a feeling of fun, diversity, and inclusion through the changing position of the characters, the cut of his last elements, and the contrast between straight and curvy shapes.

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