El podcastinar se va a acabar

SER Podcast

El podcastinar se va a acabar


Cadena SER is the most listened to radio station in Spain with around 4.5 million listeners. They aim to position themselves as leaders in the Spanish podcast market and increase by 25% the podcast downloads during the first year. To achieve their goals, it wasn’t enough with Cadena SER’s regular listeners, we needed to reach a new and younger audience with diverse tastes and hobbies. To do that, we decided to create a new visual identity, launch a digital campaign to promote their podcasts catalogue and redesign their podcasts covers.

Type of Work

Type of client 

Team involved

FLAT26: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, UI

Marcos Fernández: Social Media Stategist

Jhoan Alexis & sara marques: graphic designers


price range & timing
The price range is an approximate of how much a project like this would cost. It is not the price that was paid for the project, each project is different, and we create personalised quotes based on the project needs.

> 20.000€

6 months


FLAT26 has opted for a young, friendly, modern, energetic and dynamic visual language that makes it easy to recognise SER Podcast, its products and different categories. A whole graphic world that can be combined in different ways to attract the different personalities that our target audience encompasses.

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Communication Strategy

After researching the media and platforms in which the new audience moves and taking into account the pandemic situation in which we found ourselves, it was decided to make a 100% digital campaign. We have focused on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook as the main channels to reach our new audience and LinkedIn to generate brand awareness in a B2B environment. In the communication strategy we have counted on Podcasters who have given their voice and image to different pieces and we have organised digital chats with them all around the podcast. 


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