Music and literature from Syria


Music and literature from Syria


Tasjeelat brings the work of Qisetna – to preserve the cultural and oral heritage of Syria in the UK – to the podcasting world. Tasjeelat literally means “record/ recording” in Arabic: it refers to the audio recordings gathered by Qisetna’s team and turned into a podcast, composed by a series of episodes featuring artists, musicians and writers from Syrian heritage in all its diversity and richness.

Qisetna challenged FLAT26 to create a visual identity for Tasjeelat that represented the central team of ‘narration’ of Syrian cultural heritage, while maintaining a visual coherence with Qisetna’s existing brand identity.

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The old cassette, main element of the cover, translates visually the meaning of the word 'Tasjeelat' (record/recording), suggesting the narration of great stories.

The image is inscribed within a grid, that becomes a dynamic element of an open system, also used to design each episode's cover. The colours, textures, lines and patterns are used dynamically, giving life and personality to the design.

We were also asked to design a booklet for Tasjeelat's inaugural event in London. We gathered the images and the biographies of the podcast's protagonists, designing a folded A3 handout (A5 final format). The booklet could be read in any direction, from top to bottom, left to right and viceversa, mimicking the fluidity of the fusion between English and Arabic cultures and languages.

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