Pausa & Crescente

Salumeria e Focacceria di Ruvida

Salumeria e Focacceria di Ruvida


Pausa & Crescente are two new Italian restaurants in Lisbon that aim to fill a gap in the Portuguese market, by bringing an authentic piece of Italy to the table. They form part of Ruvida’s family, a well established Italian restaurant in the Portuguese capital, known for its fresh, pin-rolled pasta with an eye to fine dining.

Pausa – la Salumeria di Ruvida, offers a real Italian Aperitivo experience through the highest quality imported cheeses, cold cuts and wines. Crescente – la Focacceria di Ruvida, brings focaccia – a traditional Italian flatbread – to Portugal, with a custom recipe created by a 3rd generation Italian baker.

We were challenged to create a brand identity to convey “Italianity”, quality and authenticity to the target audience. 

We designed a fun and elegant integrated visual system composed by two logos – one for each restaurant – and multiple graphic elements, that allow a bold and witty communication with the customer. 

Type of Work

Type of client 

Price range & timing

5.000€ – 10.000€ 

3 monthS


FLAT 26: BRANDING, PACkaging & web design

Livre para: Social media strategy

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The project started with a thorough research about Ruvida, the mother brand, and about Italian culinary tradition. We carried out interview sessions with the owners, Michel and Valentina, to perfectly frame the project’s needs.  We looked at the origins of Salumerias (Italian delis), Aperitivo and focaccia from an historical point of view to integrate the essential cultural component of the project.

Brand architecture

The first necessity was to create a brand architecture and to define the relationship between Ruvida and the two new restaurants. We created an open system, with Ruvida at the top, to give freedom to implement new future businesses in the family.


We then proceeded to define the brand names. We performed an internal naming workshop, structured in different rounds, that led to a range of possible names that were then proposed to the client. 

The selected names were the following:

Pausa, la salumeria di Ruvida
Crescente, la focacceria di Ruvida

F26 designed a modern brand identity, mixing tradition andzq authenticity with a young and witty visual language.

Tone of voice

After defining the main brand elements, we developed the brands’ tone of voice to give  a personality to the businesses: we performed a workshop to define the main traits and how the brands were going to communicate to the public. We introduced and integrated some key messages in the visual identity.


With a clear idea of the business desired positioning and tone of voice, we developed an integrated visual identity system for Pausa & Crescente, maintaining a visual coherence with the mother brand Ruvida. We started exploring compositions and applications on an array of printed and online supports.


In order to expand the visual identity with brand applications, we developed a communication strategy by defining the brands’ touchpoints.

We explored more traditional touch points such as social media channels, business cards and stickers, and less conventional ones, such as guerrilla posters, product booklets and aprons.

A journey to Italy through the five senses

A journey to Italy through the five senses

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